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We understand the importance of accuracy in native ad targeting so that the agencies, brands, advertisers and content publishers get the maximum mileage. Strategic Native ad which works all across the web, mobile, Video and In-App Devices.

In native advertising, paid ads placed so naturally with web pages that they do not disrupt user experience at all. Let your native ads get blend with the website content, images and appear as they are part of it. Since, these Ads don’t look like display images; they tend to gain better visibility as content and customer click through rate goes up. Thus, with an accurate Native ad strategy, you can lift your business to new dimensions.

Still Wondering Why Native ads?

In this internet world, users have become really tech-savvy. A general internet user can identify an ad from miles away and, avoid it like the disease. Moreover, nowadays online customers have a tendency to view the information imparted with paid ads doubtfully.

With world-class native ad services, we can address both of these issues. Perfectly blend with content and images around it, native ads camouflage the message looks like website content itself.

  • Almost 85% of the advertisers have used native ads in the last five years
  • This ensures 95% of the end-user engagement in quick time
  • 65% of the Native Ads are not ignored

How our expertise can help

Native advertising services has helped our partners and advertisers gaining the required momentum while reaching targeted mass with more trustworthy and effective way. Trust our experience and expertise in performance driven native advertising and enjoy the powerful benefits of native ads:

  • Control over ads with customer satisfaction
  • More impressions on ads
  • High engagement and more chances to get most relatable leads

Native video

Explore the power of native videos, connect your audience in a better way and reach the potential prospects in quick time. Our experience says that native video ads can help you drive power packed result. Generating better brand awareness through native video advertising is the latest trend impacting the end result.

Outstream Video

A hassle free way to distribute your video in a better way in this technology driven world. Why to opt for skippable 5 second videos; rather pay for full video content. No doubt outstream videos are trending in the market and with our expertise we assure you will get maximum reach. Generating revenue through online video publishing is made easy with outstream video ads.

Promoted brand content

Look for promoted brand content ends at GeoMedia; we have been successful delivering result driven brand content for various clients and advertisement partners. For strategic brand content promotion you need to ensure that the customer interacts with the Ads as a part of the content. Let your brand content reach the next level and leverage the benefits.


In today’s world analytics has made things simple to analyze your advertisement campaign and to retarget your audience. With native ads, retargeting becomes even easier to get better end results. Generate uncompromised sales leads and seal your deal with retargeting services with us.

Search Engine Marketing

How do you plan to grow your business in this increasingly competitive marketplace? Our team can help you with proven search engine marketing approach to gain better visibility and ROI. We have years of experience helping companies across the world to improve search visibility and gain better brand exposure for their product or solutions.


Native Ads & marketing on social channels is one of the primary steps in today’s world; however to get maximum leverage you need experts to channelize the branding, advertisement in the right direct and frequency. No doubt, native ads can take your brand to each social media platform in most effective way.

Campaign Optimization

Running an advertising campaign to praying God for a miracle is never a solution! Every campaign requires attention to meet the objectives through specific approach to get the best reach in terms of audience, clicks, traffic and sales. Campaign optimization is one of the most critical aspects to keep your advertisement relevant and derive the desired result. We can help you evaluate the present campaign and set it right with best campaign optimization techniques.

If you are looking for a partner for native advertising and set up the campaign today, just feel free to consult our experts- right away!

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