PPC Campaign

The biggest advantage of pay per click (in search) is the control it gives marketers over their advertising message and spends. However, managing ‘pay per click is an enormously complex task. To the highest level OPTIMIZATION requires a wide range of skills, ranging from copywriting to data analysis

Campaign Brief

Quality leads
Cities specific leads
Organic traffic
Direct booking on small product
Increase website traffic
Need to Maintain ROI

Campaign Solutions

Increase traffic to the website and split-test on conversion
A Pay Per Click campaign was needed in order to increase traffic to the website and split-test conversions. The procedure undertaken included separating cities traffic, brand and place-specific Goal, as well as special campaign offers and normal traffic. This allowed full control over budget allocation.
Landing page split test
Campaigns were set up to test the best marketing message to see if different groups of people were influenced by different advertisement (by help of tracking CRM). Landing page split tests were done while tracking the different stages of the lead generation process to see where drop-offs occurred.


We are success to generate 5000 thousands leads through the PPC and Organic per month which exceeded expectations with a 250% growth. The campaign covered top 20 cities and the business volume from this marketing strategy continues to grow

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